Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yay! Summer!

It's finally here! Woo! Summer Vacation!

I have so many plans for this vacation! Camping! Hiking! Swimming! I've been planning for so long and now it's here!

Actually, a lot of those plans are going to have to wait because on Saturday my adorable baby sister is coming to visit!! We are only two years apart and we fought like cats when we were younger. Age and having kids has mellowed us a lot. Now we're really close. Emotionally that is. Physically we're around 750 miles apart. She lives in the Phoenix suburbs and I'm way up here in O-Town.

That will change on Saturday when her and her four kids will be invading our 3 bedroom one bathroom house for a few weeks. Logistically I'm not sure how well this will work, but we are sure as heck going to try it.

This week I have to spend as much time as I can cleaning up the house. I wrenched my back and spent most of last week laid up, so the house went down the tubes. Luckily my sister doesn't expect the house to be spotless, she's got four kids after all! She knows what a lived in house looks like!

If anybody wants to come over and help me, you are more than welcome. Even if you just want to come chat with me. For some reason when I am chatting I get more done. It's probably because I'm an extrovert, I get energy from social interactions.

Wish me luck and send me your good, clean house vibes!

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