Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nail Stripes

I tried out my new nail striping tape today.

Boy, is this stuff fun!!

For some reason I have really shaky hands, so painting straight lines is hard for me. The tape takes all the trouble away. I can paint wobbly stripes out of polish and then put the tape across the edges and hide all the mistakes. Or I can add perfectly straight racing stripes with no painting at all!!

I did Betty's nails tonight and decided that each nail should be different. Betty's kind of a rocker girl so I went with black, white, and silver. I actually drew out the design before I started painting, that way I knew what I was doing and could paint each layer at a time.

I did one coat of OPI Natural Nail Strengthener as a base coat on all her nails.

On her pinkies I did two coats of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer and a single vertical stripe of silver striping tape. 

Her ring fingers got two coats of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, then I used one of my tiny paint brushes and painted a diagonal stripe of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Pumping Iron. I did white striping tape on either side of the silver polish. 

Her middle finger is two coats of Ador Beauty Supply Weeping Angel.

On her middle finger I did two coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Pumping Iron, then I used the same little brush to paint a diagonal line of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl. I used black striping tape to outline the white polish. 

Her thumbs were kind of hard. I painted the bottom half with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Pumping Iron and then the tips with Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. I think it would have been easier if I painted the whole nail with the white and then added the black to the tips. Of course, this occurred to me after I'd already put the polish on the hard way! Thankfully the striping tape hides a lot of flaws!! I put a silver stripe between the black and white polishes. 

The pictures show one coat of OPI  Top Coat, but tomorrow morning I'll add another coat before Betty goes to school. 

Overall I think the experiment was a success and Betty is super happy with how it turned out. Her thumbs are my favorite, I think I'm going to have to do that look for my nails soon! I think it would have looked better if I did the black nails on either side of the silver, but Betty is pleased and that's what's important. Now I know for next time! 

Of course since I was painting Betty's nails, Joey had to get in on the action. His is just one coat of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, in case you were wondering... 

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