Monday, July 7, 2014

Nail Disaster

I found a pretty coral colored polish that had some gold glitter undertones. Coral is such a summer-y color I knew it just had to be a part of my collection.

I thought it would be a whole lot of fun to add some teal to go with the coral. What I wanted was teal stripes showing through the coral. In my head it looked epic.

WalMart had some fun colors for $1 a piece and I found a teal (L.A. Colors Color Craze NP420 Atomic) that I thought would work wonderfully.

I started out by painting two coats of teal over my normal base coat. Then I added striping tape in the design I saw in my head. So far so good.

I thought about painting a coat of white between the teal and the coral, but I thought that would make the drying time just too long. I thought it would be better to do a third coat of coral if it was needed.

I got the first coat of coral (Pure Ice 984CP Twinkle) on and it didn't look great. I wasn't worried though, most polish doesn't look right after the first application.

I had to let everything dry so I wouldn't have bubbles, but I think that was a mistake. I got the second coat of coral on and pulled the tape up.

It was a catastrophe!

Not only did the tape pull up a ton of the coral, it also left lines in the teal!

So bad.

I removed everything. I've started repainting with another $1 WalMart polish, but I'm not finished and I have to head to bed. I'll post all about it tomorrow.

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