Thursday, July 17, 2014


I got a new polish in July's Ipsy bag and I decided to play around with it a little.

The polish is Models Own Red Sea - Splash. The Models Own website listed it as a top coat, so I decided to do white tips underneath so I could see what the Red Sea looks like on bare nails and over a white base. I used my curvy "V" tip guides, and in an attempt at doing an accent nail I painted my ring fingers all white (I used Pure Ice Pretty 'N Patriotic.)

I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out, it kind of reminded me of strawberry syrup. I decided since this was all about experimenting I'd use the Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat that I bought a few weeks ago but never tried.

That did the trick!! Putting the matte top coat on toned down the shine of the polish but the glittery bits still catch the light and sparkle! It turned out really cool looking. Unfortunately, it was even harder than usual to get a good picture.

The polish was what I'd call a jelly. It looks more red on my natural nail and more fuchsia over the white base. One coat looked really streaky, but two covered nicely. 

Now that I've discovered that matte top over glitter looks so cool I'm definitely going to have to try some other combinations! Models Own has an Aqua color with similar glitters that I might have to get too! 

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