Friday, July 11, 2014

Sparkly "V" Tips

A few months ago I took a chance and bought some nail tip guides from Amazon. They were $1.46 with free shipping, so to me it was worth the gamble. Normally I like to shop local, but I couldn't find what I wanted locally.

They showed up right on time, but I haven't used them until now. The order came with five different packages with three different styles in each package. The normal curved guides that I've used before, a "V" shape (you could also call it a chevron), and a shape like a "V" but with curves.

While I was at Ulta I found some pretty pink and sparkly polish that just begged to be in a French tip look. I've done a similar look before, so I decided to use the "V" guides this time.

I just love the white French tip look. It makes me happy, don't ask me why.

I started out with my normal base, and the stickers only pulled up the base polish on one nail. I think it's because I didn't wait very long after I applied it to put the guide on. I think the base needs to be really dry in order to withstand the sticker. 

I painted the tips white, with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Whirlwind White, and removed the guides while it was still wet. 

After the tips were completely dry I did two coats of the fabulous sparkle, Ulta Salon Formula in Diva. It's got a pale pink base and looks pink in the bottle, but goes on pretty much clear with iridescent glitter specks. I love it. 

I followed up the next morning with two coats of top coat. I really love this look and I want it to last.

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