Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dog Park

We went to the dog park after school today.  The weather was perfect for it and there were a ton of dogs there. Of course, I forgot my camera!  I charged up the battery yesterday and forgot to put it back in my bag.  D'oh!

We had lots of fun.  There were a bunch of puppies there today.  A five month old Rottweiler that I just wanted to squeeze, an adorable eight month old Labrador/Australian Mix, and a very hyper nine month old Golden that kept knocking my kids down.  So stinking cute. They were all so soft, especially the Rottie. Gotta love that puppy softness! They definitely made me glad I don't have a puppy though!  They had way more energy than I'd be able to handle.

One lady came and brought her Husky/Malamute mix and German Shepherd.  The Husky mix looked just like a wolf.  He was gorgeous and huge!  He was just a big sweetheart and a total wimp.  It was so cute!  Joshua kept trying to play with him but he was just scaring the pants of the poor dog.  Josh would yell his name and go running after him like we do with Leela, but the poor Husky was just scared and would run away from Josh with his tail tucked between his legs.  Josh eventually figured out that if he threw a ball then he could get the dog to play.

Leela doesn't really play much at the dog park.  She does run around and get some exercise though, and that's what's important.  She likes playing with other dogs but they have to really bug her to get her to play with them.  It takes her a while to warm up to it.  She especially likes playing with little dogs.  She likes to chase them down and then chew on their ears. Not hard, she doesn't hurt anybody, just playfully.  Some of the little dogs actually like it.  It's funny, the ones who like it will get all slobbery.  Then when it dries their fur stands up like spikes.  It's so gross. I'm just glad Leela doesn't get slobbered on.  It's a lot easier to bathe a little dog than it is to wash a beast like her.

Here are a few pictures that Joshua and Bethy took back in November.  I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow and get some new shots.

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