Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sister Friend

I spent hours last night chatting online with my cousin Shanon.  Lots of fun.  She's technically my cousin, you know, biologically and all that.  In reality though she's much more to me.

When I was a teenager Shanon came to live with us and we went to High School together.  Shanon is three years older than me, she was a Senior while I was a lowly Sophomore.  She welcomed me into her group of friends and made my whole High School experience so much better.

Since we weren't exactly sisters but cousin seemed too distant to fully explain the relationship, Shanon came up with the term "Sister-Friend".  That pretty much sums it up.

Even though Shanon is older than me I've always felt like the Big Sister.  It's just my personality.  I like to take care of people.  I worry, fret, mother, and if we're being perfectly honest, probably smother people too. It's just how I am.

I'm actually trying to convince Shanon to move here.  Not only since I think she'd like it here and my town is just amazing.  I really, honestly just miss her.  My sister-in-laws are awesome, they really are, they're just too normal.  I need the color in my life that only Shanon can bring and my kids are seriously lacking in the 'Crazy Aunt' department.  My little sister Heidi's kids get Crazy Aunt in spades.  Not only do they have me, they've also got my sister's best friend Kim.  My kids are pathetically neglected in comparison.  Crazy Mom they've got, Crazy Aunt they lack.  (By the way, I too have a Crazy Aunt.  When we tell crazy relative stories I always win because of her.  For those relatives who are reading:  I'm not talking about Jeanne, Joanne, or Kitty.  Although you all are pretty nuts...)

And now, since she'd have to be here in person in order to murder me with her bare hands, I present embarrassing pictures from High School!!

Summer 1995 at Disneyland.  Left to right: Shanon, Heidi, Me, and our little brother Daniel.

Shanon and I in the Fall  of 1995.  She was blessed with adorable freckles and dimples.  I just got zits.

We were paragons of style.

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