Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Parrot

My three year old (nearly four) is quite the little parrot.  He will be paying attention to something else completely and just grab one word from a conversation or TV and repeat it. Over and over.  Obviously I have to be careful what I say. Not that I'm bad, but I do tend to use mild expletives. "Crap" is the worst but I also use "Shoot", "Stinkin'", "Freakin'", and "Darn" pretty regularly.

Today I learned that I have to watch the other things I say just as carefully.

First, a little background.  I don't often drink soft drinks, especially carbonated ones.  I have problems with my gal bladder and carbonation makes it worse, I'm also very sensitive to high fructose corn syrup.  However, when I feel a migraine coming I know that having a Dr. Pepper (the only kind of soda I like) will help get rid of the problem before it gets too bad.  I always get a fountain drink because they are cheaper and the ice helps dilute it a little.  The largest I ever get is 32 ounces.  Any bigger and I get in trouble.

Today was one of those days where I needed a Dr. Pepper.  I could feel the migraine coming on and I need to get stuff done today.  There is a Sinclair gas station down the road from us that not only has the best Dr. Pepper fountain (something about their mix makes it really good, I swear) but they also have a drive-thru so I don't have to unload Joey just for a drink.  The people who work there are also really nice and we go there a lot.

Those who know me know that I like to tease.  In my family and Eric's family teasing is kind of a sign of affection.  We only tease the people we like. If we don't tease you then you should feel left out.  Good natured ribbing is par for the course.  I also tend to tease my friends and people I feel comfortable with.  Sometimes if I'm in a good mood random strangers will also get this treatment.  What can I say, I'm a crazy person.

On to the subject of this post.

I dropped the big kids off at school and hit the grocery store.  I felt the migraine coming on so I decided to hit the gas station on my way home and get my Dr. Pepper fix.

After the attendant handed me my drink we had to wait a few seconds for my receipt to print so I told him they had the best Dr. Pepper.  Teasing him I said, "You guys put crack in the mix, don't you? Just to get people to keep coming back."

He laughed at me and played along basically saying, "Yeah, you caught us.  It's all that crack."

We laughed a little and I pulled away.  Two seconds later Joey pipes up from the back seat:

"Whas twack?"
"Why dere twack in you dotter pepber?"
"Why dey put twack in you dotter pepber?"


I explained that crack is a bad drug and that I was just joking about it being in my Dr. Pepper. I'm hoping he forgets all about it soon. Fingers crossed!

Just so you all know.  If you hear my son talking about my soda being laced with drugs.  I promise, I do not now nor will I ever consume illegal substances!

I guess if that's the worst thing my kid learns from me I'm still doing okay!

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The Wizzle said...

David and I regularly steal our kids' "isms" and put them into our regular vocabularies. I think "why dere twack in your dotter pepber?" is going right in!