Friday, August 23, 2013


I did something stupid on Tuesday.

A few months ago I bought a facial cleansing brush at the dollar store. This in itself was a stupid idea, but I took it even further.

On Tuesday I used the thing. In the shower, on my face.

It felt nice. I was really gentle, and used circular motions, all the things you're supposed to do.

Apparently I missed some fine print somewhere on the package. This was not a facial cleansing brush. Not unless the face you're cleansing is on an outdoor statue!

It turned my forehead into ground beef!!

I got out of the shower and a minute later my forehead felt like I'd gotten a sunburn. I looked in the mirror and saw a huge red welt and a couple of small shiny patches. The kind you get when you skin your knee. I had taken layers and layers off my skin!!

I put some cocoa butter lotion on it, just to get a little relief from the stinging, burning pain and hoped that I wouldn't scab over my entire forehead.

The past four days it's felt like I'm getting over a nasty sunburn, and I hadn't washed my forehead. I wanted to give it time to heal before I put anything else on it!

Today, I washed my face. I took a picture of the result with my webcam. It's pretty gross, so if you want to see grody peeling skin you can go to this Photobucket link:

Face Rules:

Rule #1: Never Buy Facial Products From Dollar Stores.

Rule #2: Do Not Use Facial Products From Dollar Stores.

If you ignore these rules you will suffer greatly. I am proof. 


Anonymous said...

Ouch! How long did it take to heal?

Heather said...

It took a couple of weeks before it was back to normal! It was terrible.