Monday, April 21, 2014

Glitter Polish

I love glitter polish. It is so pretty and it hides so many flaws.

The huge downside is that it is a massive pain to remove the stuff! I've been soaking a cotton ball in polish remover then using tape wrapped around my nail to hold the wad against my nail. I leave it for quite a while (haven't timed it yet) then scrub the rest of the polish off with a new remover soaked cotton ball. I often have to repeat this process.

A few weeks ago I bought this gorgeous glitter polish from OPI's Muppets Most Wanted line. It's called Gaining Mole-mentum and it is gorgeous! Shards of gold, silver, and copper all mixed together. Really beautiful.

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Last week I let Joey pick out my nail polish and that's the one he chose. I totally forgot to get a picture, so sorry about that. You'll just have to trust me that it looks really great.

I did the daubing for the first coat like I usually do for glitter polishes, pushing the flecks around to get an even coat. I let that dry and did my second coat and two top coats.

After everything was dry and I started using my nails I noticed a problem. On some of my fingers the shards had managed to stand up a little. This made me have tiny, poking, sharp bits standing up on my nails. Not really my style.

If you paint your nails with glitter nail polish that has shards instead of round glitter bits, please make sure that all the pieces are laying down before it dries completely. Learn from my mistakes. 

Because of the little sharp bits I decided to remove the polish earlier than I normally would. I did my usual remover-wad-tape trick and it didn't work. I had to sit and work on that polish for days. Literally. I started with my pinkie nails and worked my way to my thumbs. I could get one or two nails clear a night if I sat and worked on them while I was watching TV.

After I finally got all that glitter polish off my nails ached. I think I've already mentioned that I have thin nails, I'm pretty sure this scrubbing pulled more than a few layers off. I was afraid to leave them bare, so I did one coat of OPI Natural Nail Strengthener, two coats of OPI Happy Anniversary, then followed up with three coats of OPI Top Coat.

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The day after all this stress I found an add from Ulta in my mailbox. Happily thumbing through it I stumbled across a beautiful picture of six new OPI glitter polishes and in the corner a white bottle of base coat.

Reading the description blurb I discovered that this base coat is PEELABLE!! It's called Glitter Off Peelable Base Coat. "Apply a thin coat & apply glitter polish. To remove, gently push and peel it all off!"


You know I'm all over this!! I will definitely report back when I've gotten my hands on this stuff and taken it for a test drive! I am super excited!!

I learned something else this week. When I put on my base coat I've also been painting the underside of my nails. I read somewhere that this helped weak nails, so I've been giving it a go. When I painted my nails the other day I skipped doing it. The next day I bent three of my nails!! Thankfully none of them bent backwards, and none of them tore! Having learned my lesson I went ahead and painted the underside of my nail with not only the base coat, but a layer of top coat as well!

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