Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dressember Fourteenth Part Two

If you were waiting with bated breath for my second outfit of the day then I apologize.

When I picked the kids up from school it was very clear that Bethy wasn't feeling very well.  We're having some nasty Winter air problems and it's really taking a tole on her.  Since she wasn't feeling well I stayed home with her and the littlest monster while Eric went to Josh's Choir/Recorder concert.

I stayed in my jeans and grubby shirt.  Sue me.

I'm not dressed for the day today yet either.  Same jeans and grubby shirt.  The missionaries are coming over tonight and I have a ton of housework to do.  Then I will shower and get dressed.  I have kind of a weird outfit planned for tonight, so I'd love your feedback.

In other news, we received our 2nd Annual box of caramel apples from my mom. (Hint, Hint Mom.  Second Annual, as in please make this a tradition!!)

My mom gets these apples for us from QVC, they're called Mrs. Prindables.  They are awesome!!  I can't find the ones she sends on their website, so they must be a special thing for QVC.  The ones we get are dipped in caramel, then rolled in chocolate chips and colorful sprinkles.  We get three different kinds: white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.  They are so yummy!

In fact, I'm having a white chocolate one for breakfast right now.  My logic is that it's mostly fruit, which is good for me.  That makes it a healthy breakfast.  Just like brownies, 'cuz they have eggs in them.  Everybody knows eggs are a breakfast food.

I'm also having Dr. Pepper for breakfast.  It's already been one of those days.

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The Wizzle said...

I am such a sucker for caramel apples! Oh, they are surely the most wonderful food in the universe.

I am looking forward to your crazy outfit! I love a crazy outfit.