Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dressember Twenty-first

I actually saw a patch of blue sky today!  YAY!

It was stinking cold out though so I took pictures showing all the layers of my outfit today.

First, all bundled up:

 Similar to Dressember First

This is how I ran around the house all morning:

This neck warmer was too cozy to take off.

This is what I wore around the house the rest of the day after lunch:

Too cold for bare arms.

And here's the dress with no layers over it:


This happens to be my favorite dress.  Eric bought it for me at Burlington Coat Factory waaaay back in 1999.  That's right, this dress is 12 years old.  If it were a kid, it'd be a Sixth Grader.  If it were Harry Potter, it'd have defeated Voldemort three times.  If it were the Beatles, it would have already broken up...

I've mended this dress a few times and it still looks great.  I love how it fits and I think it's pretty flattering.  It's machine wash and dry-able, and it never wrinkles.  Even if it's been stuffed in the bottom of my closet and forgotten.  And of course, it's blue!!

I've had twelve years to find the perfect accessories for this dress.  The earrings are the latest addition.  They were a gift from my good friend who's husband is from Tonga.  They are shells in the traditional Tongan shape of a fishing hook.  The necklace was my souvenier from the cruise Mom took Heidi and I on back in 2006.  I bought them at a Hilo Hattie Hawaiian store in San Diego.  

In the winter I wear this dress with my black boots.  Gotta love those boots.  As awesome as they are though, they don't hold a candle to the amazing, gorgeous, fabulous shoes I wear with it in the summer.

Drum roll please...

I LOVE THESE SHOES!!  I think if my house was on fire I might just grab these shoes after I made sure the kids were safe.

They so totally fit my personality.  The style is called 'Harlow' which fits right in with my love of old, old Hollywood.  They have an ankle strap which means I don't have to worry about them slipping around.  They're eye catching without being over done.  Love them!  Normally I wear them barefoot, the nylons are for warmth and the picture.

I actually bought these shoes at a real life Department Store.  Not an outlet, not a thrift shop, not a yard sale, a real store in a real mall.  Of course, they were on sale for half off but that's not the point!  The point is that.... the point...the...  Okay, there is no point.  I just wanted to prove to you all that I am capable of buying things new.  I don't prefer it, but I am capable.  Especially when the items are as cute as these shoes are!

Outfit Info:
Earrings: Gift from a friend
Coat: Wilson Leather, thrifted
Neck Warmer: Made it myself
Necklace: Hilo Hattie
Dress: The tag says Max Taylor, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in AZ Mills.
Watch: Fossil, gift from Eric
Boots: Mudd
Strappy Awesomeness heels: Amanda Smith 'Harlow', I think I bought them at Z.C.M.I. (before it was sold.)


For those of my friends who celebrate it, 

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