Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fashion Show

I've got a deluge of pictures of me wearing dresses today.  I feel horrible about all the sick days I've taken from Dressember so I put on three different outfits today and forced my long-suffering oldest son to take a bunch of pictures.

I will admit that I didn't wear the first two dresses longer than it took to take the picture and then change.  I'll explain why after each shot.

This is the first dress I ever sewed start to finish for myself.  It's actually wearable.  Okay, it was actually wearable.  When I tried it on earlier this month and realized that I really need to let it out.  In the bust area.  I never thought I'd actually have to say that.  I'm used to being the Pirate's Ideal.  You know, a sunken chest.  Needing to let out a bust is definitely a first for me!

Yeah, as you can see from the picture this dress needs lots of help.  One of my Christmas presents is a Dressmaker's Dummy, hopefully I can do a lot of these alterations so that my wardrobe doesn't have to be held together by safety pins!

The shoes I've got on in the picture were purchased especially for that dress.  I made Elizabeth a dress in a similar material the same year and those shoes looked just like her dress shoes.  I thought it was cute to be a little match-y.  They are the most uncomfortable shoes I own.  Even more than the ones that left visible bruises.  It's too bad they're so cute.  I can just make it through the three hours of Church before I have to give up and take them off.  I might also take them off any time I'm sitting down at Church.  Let's just say I won't be sitting in front while I'm wearing these babies.  Also so you know, I only wear them in the Summer.  I'm a pretty strict follower of that "No White After Labor Day" rule.  I know it's pretty silly but I just can't shake it.  I also try to match my shoes to my handbag and belt if I'm wearing one.  I swear I was born in the wrong decade.

Here's my red dress, the one I was saving for Christmas.

I think it's time for this one to go in the donate box.  I iron it and it still looks so wrinkled.  I hate ironing and I really hate ironing when it has no effect. I've also mended the hem three times.  It's in need of more mending and I don't think it's worth my time.  It's also too tight across the bust, gaping buttons are not attractive.  Oh yeah, and the buttons end way too high up on my leg.  I have to pin it for about a foot below the last button and that makes the whole drape of the dress wrong.  I'm actually kind of glad I was too sick to go to Church on Sunday.  I would have been really uncomfortable in that dress.

These shoes were also specifically purchased for this dress.  They are the second most uncomfortable shoes I own.  The ones that left the bruises are number three on the list.  These red shoes are also Summer shoes, I don't wear any tights or nylons with them.  I'm also on board with the whole "No Nylons With Open-Toes" rule.  I broke it for the pictures of my favorite shoes a few days ago and I'm still feeling kind of guilty.  Tights are a different story but it has to be special circumstances.  I don't think the picture above is one of those circumstances.  I just don't like how it looks.  Maybe if they were patterned tights or woven or something.

Okay, here's what I'm actually wearing today:

I thought the ballet flats were appropriate since I feel like my ballet instructor from Third Grade, Ms. Greenwald.  The T-shirt is from Target and the rest of the outfit you've already seen.

One last picture before I go.  I found this written on our white board.  I have no idea which of the two kids who can write actually wrote this but it's just too darn cute not to share:


Eric said...

You really look good in the red dress.I hate to see you get rid of it, but I understand.

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Heather said...

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